About Gulf Coast LED Lighting

Our company offers affordable and effective LED lighting options for private individuals, small and medium scale businesses, and large-scale business operations.

Gulf Coast LED Lighting, GCLEDL, has its headquarters in Gulf Breeze, Florida and is a Women Owned and Veteran Owned Business. Our company's mission is to help people lower their overall energy/lighting electricity consumption and consequently their operations costs. We do this through the promotion and usage of green energy-efficient LED lighting technology.

About LEDs

Our products at Gulf Coast LED Lighting, (GCLEDL), are all DESIGN LIGHTING CERTIFIED. This means that they can lower your energy consumption anywhere between 35 to 85 percent. A good practical use of this is when a warehouse, commercial space, office, hospital, or other public areas need to change their lighting fixtures. By getting an upgrade to MES superior quality LEDs, the mentioned locations can get a safer and more efficient improvement without blowing huge portions of their budget.

We also deal directly with manufacturers, so we can supply our clients with quality and affordable LED lamps for their specific requirements. Our expert technicians can help you determine how much exactly you are able to save with this new lighting option. We can perform a LIGHTING ANALYSIS all for FREE just to help you know how much you're able to save and how effective our LED lamps are when it comes to continuous lighting needs.

Reasons Why You Should Change to LED Lighting and Choose Gulf Coast's HIGH QUALITY LED Products:s

Fast and Sure RETURN of your INVESTMENT

When you choose to re-lamp using our high quality and tested LED lighting fixtures, you can get a RETURN on your investment in just a short period of time. You can get between 35 to 80% ROI in less than three years upon installation of your new LEDs.

Also, we will assist you and help you qualify for rebates from your local electric company and get tax breaks/credits as well. These rebates can then be used to cover some of the capital needed to fund the re-lamping project.

Our latest LED tube/lamps have such a strong output for lumen that we can de-lamp a 4-tube lighting fixture using just 2 LED tubes and still maintain the same amount of light in the workspace.

SAVE on your Maintenance Costs

Once you decide to shift to our LEDs, you won't need to worry about tedious maintenance work. Our lamps are practically maintenance-free for 50,000 hours and our testing even exceeds 100,000+ hours! That is a huge 1,000% more than conventional fluorescent lamps. Our LEDs will definitely bring huge saving throughout its lifetime.

You can install our LED lamps to your existing fluorescent housings and they do not need an expensive ballast. Plus, our tubes are very cool and operate at a 75-85°F ambient temperature so they do not add to the room's summer cooling consumption/load.

Traditional street lamps and parking lot lamps need scissor lifts or boom trucks to replace lights every 3 - 4 months; our Parking Lot LED lamps are not only sure to work for 5 years, but labs indicate that they'll last up to 10 years if left on 12 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Easy to Install and Use

All our LED lights can be easily installed to your existing light sockets or housings. There is also no need to remove your old ballasts, which will also lower your overall costs.

Superior Quality

We have patented our design and made our LED lamps one of the longest lasting product available in the market. We only use quality components in our lamps that we know can meet all the EPA Energy Star Rating standards. Our products all have certifications from the Design Lights Consortium Certified and UL approved.

Versatility and More Visual Coverage

With our design, you get 100 percent visual coverage since all lights are directed downward for more efficient directional lighting. We have a full range of colors and Kelvin temperatures such as 2500 to 6500. You can choose from our dimmable models and all lamps are guaranteed flicker-free. Our clients can choose from a wide-range of interior and exterior lighting fixtures and we can even design a customized lamp to fit your needs.


GCLEDL's superior LED lights are 100% recyclable, contain no mercury, do not emit radiation or any dangerous UV rays, and they do not require special disposal. They will also cost so much less than your traditional fluorescent, incandescent, or other HID bulbs.

Unlike metal halide, halogen, and high-pressure sodium commercial bulbs, our LEDs use so much less energy. Its consumption is pegged at 50 to 80 percent less than the bulbs mentioned and can even last up to five times longer.

Unmatched Warranty

Lab tests show our quality LED fixtures will be functional for more than 50,000 hours or that's 11-plus years at a 24-hour operation! Our GCLEDL are guaranteed for 7 years. Also, based on lab test, our drivers can last without any maintenance for 5 years and has a lifetime of 15 years if turned on for 12 hours every day.

Designed and Manufactured in America

Our company's high quality LED lamps have satisfied all manufacturing and government requirements/prerequisites. That has helped it earn LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points as well as U.S. government and military requirements that over 51% of the product components are "Made in America". We have lamps and drivers that are entirely made and assembled in the U.S.

Optimal Safety

With our Superior LED tubes, you are sure of people's safety. Our tubes are powered at the tombstone via a DC current at low voltage. We can also assure our clients that our products do not contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead nor they emit any radiation or damaging ultra violet rays.

All our LED lights have protection through a highly durable and non-yellowing shield of polycarbonate. This shield will not explode or shatter if it's dropped. They are completely RoHS, (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

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